Date & Time: Thursday, December 9, 2021 at 18:00 (+4 GMT Dubai Time)
Location: Online and Al Baraha 1, Intercontinental Hotel, Dubai


Pregnancy and Lactation in Patients with MS (By Prof Bassem Yamout)

This session will present the most recent findings and updates for the treatment of pregnant or lactating MS patients. This includes family planning; the effect of pregnancy on the disease course, including relapses; post-partum disease activity; treatment during pregnancy and breastfeeding and the compatibility of disease modifying therapies and breastfeeding. The conclusions will illustrate how to support patients making informed decisions on the basis of the presented information.


Human response to COVID-vaccination in MS (By Prof Celia Oreja-Guevara)

Most multiple sclerosis (MS) patients infected with COVID-19 had a mild-moderate infection, with no more relapses or more severe disease course than MS-free patients. This session will shed light on the response to vaccination of MS patients, including the influence of the chosen MS treatment on vaccine response. Join to hear more about the production of antibodies in vaccinated MS patients and the influence of the MS treatment on antibodies production.


How to Mitigate Risks in MS (By Prof Maura Pugliatti)

No two MS patients are the same, and yet only a limited number of disease-modifying therapies are available for MS neurologists to treat their patients. This session will guide you in how to manage and mitigate risks associated with treating MS patients. You will take away a set of key messages stemming both from Professor Pugliatti’s own experience and literature reports, underlying risk mitigation in MS treatment.


Hot Topics Panel Discussion

Our panellists will bring to the table the hottest topics in the field of MS, sharing their expertise and commenting on each other’s views.

Meet the Speakers

Prof. Bassem I. Yamout
Neurology Institute Director
Harley Street Medical Centre
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Prof. Celia Oreja-Guevara
Vice Chair of Neurology
University Hospital San Carlos
Madrid, Spain

Prof. Maura Pugliatti
Professor of Neurology
University of Ferrara
Ferrara, Italy